Peer Instruction: Right for Wicked Problems?

Peer Instruction is a teaching method invented in 1991 by Eric Mazur, a physics professor at Harvard University. Mazur found that, in spite of his award-winning lectures and his students’ high test scores, the students failed to grasp the concepts he was teaching. They could crank out formulaic answers by rote, but couldn’t explain the […]

Natural Pedagogy and the Social Classroom

“Place our social natures as human beings front and center in the learning process” Eyler, Joshua. (2018). How Humans Learn. In his book How Humans Learn (2018), Joshua Eyler devotes one chapter to each of five attributes he says are key to human learning: Curiosity Sociality Emotion Authenticity Failure In a couple of previous posts, […]

Classroom segregation: An extreme exercise in sociality

“Remember to walk a mile in his moccasins…We will be known forever by the tracks we leaveIn other people‚Äôs lives.” Judge Softly by Mary T. Lathrap, 1895 On April 5, 1968, third-grade teacher Jane Elliott launched a controversy that still simmers today. More on that in a minute. The subject of chapter two in How […]